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Work Pad Collection

Legends Ranch work pads are proud to offer work pads. When we decided to add work pads to the collection we wanted to offer both an at home work pad and a show pad. With the two sizes we offer ( others available upon request) with the 7/8 pad it offers the stability you are looking for in the everyday work pad. Then when its time to show the 1/2 inch pad paired with a Legends Ranch Show Pad will not compromise the closeness we all strive for with our horse. We offer extended fender cutout to lessen the bulk under fenders and the full leather protectors. 

It was also decided to not skimp on quality as that is what we strive for is to offer the top quality products at a price all showman can afford. 

With that we decided against synthetic wool underlying. We proudly offer 100 percent wool lining on our wool felt pads as well. 

After speaking to many trainers and vets on the importance of work pads and what they offer we feel strongly that are pads will be the pads you reach for when its time to ride. 

I want to express the importance of cleaning your pads. After every use you should brush the debris off pad and allow to dry. Not doing so causes hard spots on saddle which causes sores on your horses back. So I cant express enough the importance of keeping your saddle pads fresh and clean. Lets be real do you want to wear the same gym clothes days weeks or even months in a row without any cleaning ..... 

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