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Size 34 x 40




This blanket has a special meaning and I pray you take the time to read this


Tami Rossi reached out to me about buying some shirts for some gals that helped her with her son’s memorial. She then told me with great sorrow of the tragic passing of her son, Maclain Rossi. We soon came up with her wanted to have a custom made in honor of her son. So I asked her if we could produce them to the public and part of the proceeds go Suicide Awareness.


Mental Health Awareness is something I advocate my heart out for as I do suffer from mental health disorders. I truly feel is we are able to shine some light on the “ darkness” of these disorders that people will not feel ashamed or alone and can speak up without fear of the stigma. I myself suffer from diagnosed severe depression and severe anxiety at times it feels that I am wearing the heaviest darkest Blanket that I physically can’t take off. But those who know me would never know as the face I wear when I’m at my darkest is that of love, smiles and pure joy. Never knowing what I battle inside with. What so many of us battle with in silence.


I wish all of us would praise the awareness of Mental Health let everyone know it shouldn’t have the stigma that you are there for them judgement free.


When I designed this I brought in the colors of suicide awareness, Tami loved the feather designs so we decided on this design but than I chose the dark background as the stigma of the disease but than at the tips of the feathers they are significantly lighter to symbolize that there is a light and when it’s turned on it will outshine the entire “ blanket “ stigma. We also added suicide awareness ribbons to the front and back of the saddle blanket so when you are riding know you are never alone !!!!


In honor of a great man who’s life was swallowed up by the dark stigma of mental illness, we proudly honor him and are proud to bring you “ The Maclain”


Maclain Rossi passed on Friday, August 25, 2023. He was a gentle giant: quiet, kind, dependable, and the loyalest of friends. An avid muleman and packer, he loved to spend time in our local Eastern Sierra Mountains preferably near a stream or lake. “Mac” was born and raised in Bishop, California, and graduated from Palisade Glacier High School in June 2023. He participated in 4H, loved to play golf and cribbage; he grew up showing horses and mules, and earned the title World Champion Youth Packer at Bishop Mule Days, as well as American Mule Association: Champion Youth Packer.

The Maclain Contoured

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